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I caught Bill Maher on Friday night. I heard his rant about “The Secret” and his opinion that it was just wishful thinking and blaming the victim’s of life. He was joined in his tirade by Rosanne Barr and Deepak Chopra. Now, Barr I can understand – but Deepak? I would have thought he would have exhibited a bit more of a positive attitude about “The Secret”.

I think that the biggest problem I have with the Secret-basher’s is this: They dismiss the entire concept of the Law of Attraction because of all the “Poor Victims” in the world. The existence of victims, to the bashers, is all the evidence they require that the Law of Attraction is nonsense.

Here is the thing, There are no victims!!! It is this entire concept of “Victimization” which has throughout time, created the ugliness we see in the world.

Every time some comedian/celebrity slash wannabe-spiritualist decides to impart their “Wisdom” in this arena, it just blows my mind how Ego driven their entire philosophies are. See the thing is, if there aren’t any victims, Maher is out of work – nothing to complain about, nobody to blame, and really, that is what he gets paid to do. Maher and the entire media, get paid to focus on the “Wrong” or “Bad” things, to draw all of our attention to it, to complain endlessly, and to find someone to blame – so we can focus our anger, frustrations, and hate towards these “Wrong” and “Bad” people.

Telling people about the Law of Attraction isn’t teaching them wishful thinking. The power to transform the world, the power to truly change everything begins within each of us. The Mind is the source of transformation. The first step in overcoming is always to change the way you think about the problem.

Here is one of societies favorite quotes:

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.”

Author Unknown

This is what the entire process of revealing the Secret is, it is to teach people how to see differently. To teach someone that they are NOT a victim – to teach them that they alone get to choose the life they will experience, that is powerful stuff. Much more powerful than handing them a couple twenties and turning away!

When people stop believing that other people have the power to control their destiny, and that they alone can create the life they desire – WOW, then the world will transform.


“There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not “harder” or “bigger” than another. They are all the same.” A Course In Miracles

Manifesting physical healing using the principles of the LOA is not a difficult thing to do. It does require a little study, belief, and practice, but it is absolutely possible to create perfect health.

There are only four steps necessary to manifest healing for yourself:

1. Desire

2. Belief

3. Focused Thought

4. Acceptance & Gratitude

Desire – This first step may seem obvious, but it should be looked at carefully. The first thing to ask yourself if you are ill is “Is there any benefit to me in being ill”? This is a tricky step, because usually if there are any benefits, you will be hard pressed to accept it, or even to acknowledge that there may be something you are getting out of your illness, such as rest, sympathy, love, or attention. If you can honestly say there is no benefit to your illness for you, then it is a logical step to desire complete healing.

Belief – In my opinion this is the most difficult step in the healing process, and also the most important. It is important to believe that you can be well. No matter what your physical state at the present moment, you must believe that anything can happen – at any time. I started my own physical healing with this thought: “Pain is an illusion, I create the illusion of pain”. Each time I felt what I believed was pain, I said this statement, sometimes outloud, sometimes just in my mind. What this one thought did was assist me in creating a belief that I could create wellness for myself if I desired to. Once you accept that you create everything you experience, it is easy to decide to create something different for yourself. The next step is to focus your thoughts on the wellness you desire.

Focused Thought – Remember, when using the Law of Attraction, we are asking the universe for what we want through focused thought. One of the most important steps in the healing process is to NOT focus on it. If you have had pain, then each time you think you feel that pain, do everything within your power to focus your thoughts on how it feels to be well and healthy, on being pain free. Never push against pain with strong negative thoughts which only validate it, such as, “I’m in pain” or “It hurts so bad” but choose more positive expressions of healing and wellness, “I have been feeling out of balance, but I choose to feel well now” or “I feel better each moment” or even, “I feel much better than I did just a minute ago”. Does it matter if these statements are congruent with the pain messages your brain is receiving from your body? Not really, just keep saying how well you feel, how much better you are getting, and really try to feel the emotions of that for yourself. Pretend, imagine, rehearse your total healing in your mind, envision yourself being completely healed and allow yourself to feel the excitement, joy, and gratitude that will fill you when it happens.

Acceptance & Gratitude – I lump these both together as gratitude is a natural outcome of acceptance. If you accept the fact you are creating wellness and health for yourself, you can then feel grateful for each bit of wellness and health you experience. Remember, each time you have a moment without pain, to feel the joy and gratitude of that experience, and you will receive more of it.